Climb On!

This is a personal project I created to illustrate my experience in practicing rock climbing.

Just for fun

4 weeks

Interaction design
Creative thinking


I took a rock climbing class in college and had interest in climbing since then.
It is a challenging sport for me, I don’t usually like taking risks and I’m afraid of height 😬️😵️
But I still enjoy climbing the beginner level problems.
So I decide to get a membership at the climbing gym near my place,
and thought I should take this opportunity to log my struggles in bouldering 🙃️🙃️ Engjoy!


  • In this project, I visualized my experience of rockclimbing into a digital space. Tools I used were Figma and Adobe Photoshop.
  • I spend 4 weeks going to the climbing gym to collect images and record my experience. Then I transfered this accumulation of information to a digital interactive experience.


  • Two type of pages: an overview and single immersive pages.
  • The experience were sorted by the level of challenge of the climbing route. 


I started by sketching different directions of the UX design, then I decide on one direction that can best demonstrate the climbing experience.


I spend 4 weeks going to the climbing gym, documented each of the climbing holds in the challenges I took. 

Some of the visual components in the final design.

I used the climbing holds as the buttons.

Final Design




Thank you!